6 Week Programs

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“Set your goals high and then grow into the person who can achieve them.”

Darryl Partridge


Modern life takes a toll on our bodies.  Technology has made our lives easier while at the same time it is destroying our bodies.  The human body was designed to mov. We were once hunters and gatherers, so we moved for survival.  Humans didn’t need to purposefully exercise, they got it meeting their daily survival needs. Today, we use technology and can do most things from our office chair or couch. Awesome, right?  One big problem, our hips are tight, our shoulders are slouched, we have lower back pain and the medical community is making a fortune off our aches and pains.


I have a better solution!  EXERCISE!


Today we can get zillions of free workouts off Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and that is great.  The problem, doing random free exercise videos isn’t doing you any good.  Yes, they get you moving for an hour, but are they fixing the problems?  Are they preventing injury? Are they helping your joint pains?

While working in a gym I see so many people come in daily. They have their routine, they move from machine to machine doing the same thing everyday.  Machines are great; they are engineered to stabilize the body and isolate a muscle. They are a relatively safe way to do strength building.  Using only machines, however, is training in a one dimensional plane.  We live, work and play in a three dimensional plane.

I have carefully put together 6-week programs that are designed to help build strength, balance muscles, and correct body posture. All my workouts teach you how to workout without the support of a machine. You will stabilize your own body and preform exercises on 3 planes. You will learn what you need to live functional healthy active lives.  I’m living proof of what a functional exercise program can do for you.  I’m offering what helped me go from disabled to completing 13-mile obstacle races.

Day 1



All Body Weight Full Body

Day 2

Warm Up


Chest, Back & Core

Cardio Burn

Day 3



Arms, Shoulders & Core

Cardio Burn

Day 4




Cardio Burn

No gym needed!

All you will need:

  • A few sets of dumbbells
  • Resistance Band (Tube)
  • Bands (small loop & large loop)
  • Stability Ball
  • Medicine Ball
  • Paper Plates or Towel
  • Your body weight and a stopwatch

I also offer custom training to met your individual needs.  It’s personal training done virtually from your living room.  Fill out the custom training form and I will contact you for a virtual consultation.

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