Overcome What Challenges You!

Overcome What Challenges You!

Overcome What Challenges You!

My Story

Stop making excuses and start today! Give me the chance to change your world!

 I’m Darryl. I’m a 55-year-old man, and I missing my lower left leg, I am also a Personal Trainer, Certified SGX Spartan Coach, endurance athlete and a physical fitness enthusiast.

I wasn’t always physically fit. Life threw me a challenge!  At the age of 42, after months of increasing pain while walking, my life all came crashing down after the results of an MRI.  I had been walking on a rare non-healable fracture in my ankle joint. From there I endured six ankle surgeries, ten leg casts, recovery time on crutches that added up to 6 years, and debilitating pain.

How I Train

“Set your goals high and then grow into the person who can achieve them.”
Darryl Partridge

Modern life takes a toll on our bodies.  Technology has made our lives easier while at the same time it is destroying our bodies.  The human body was designed to move, we were once hunters and gathers, so we moved for survival.  Humans didn’t need to exercise, they got it meeting their daily survival needs. Today, we use technology and can do most things from our office chair or couch, awesome right?  One big problem, our hips are tight, our shoulders are slouched, we have lower back pain and the medical community is making a fortune off our aches and pains. 


I have a better solution!  EXERCISE!

Today we can get zillions of free workouts off Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and that is great.  The problem, doing random free exercise videos isn’t doing you any good.  Yes, they get you moving for an hour, but are they fixing the problems?  Are they preventing injury? Are they helping your joint pains?

While working in a gym I see so many people come in daily. They have their routine, they move from machine to machine doing the same thing everyday.  Machines are great they are engineered to stabilize the body and isolate a muscle. They are a relatively safe way to do strength building.  They however are training in on a one dimensional plane.  We live, work and play in a three dimensional plane.

I carefully programed workouts that are designed to help build strength, balance muscles, and correct body posture. All my workouts teach you how to workout without the support of a machine. You will stabilize your own body and preform exercises on 3 planes. What you need to live functional healthy active lives.  I’m living proof of what a functional exercise program can do for you.  I’m offering what helped me go from disabled to completing 13-mile obstacle races.

“No Excuses” I offer 3 ways to train your way to a better and healthier life.”

Train in person at my Training Studio

Train Online by becoming a member of my Online Training

Train at home using my 6-week Training Videos



Darryl has been my personal trainer for over 3 years.  When I first started training with Darryl, I was barely able to walk.  I was limping and in constant pain due to my diagnosis of Ankylosing spondylitis. Since starting training with Darryl my pain has been minimized and am able now run 5ks on a regular basis.  Darryl is constantly aware of my wellbeing and adjusts every training session to my needs and preferences.  Darryl goes above and beyond for his clients.  Darryl is enthusiastic and his workouts are very effective!! Highly recommended!! 

Mike S.

A few years ago I was faced with needing to have my left leg amputated above the knee, that is when I met Darryl. Not only did he educate me on the whole amputation process, but he designed a training program to prepare me for my amputation and subsequent prosthetic.  I believe that his guidance and training was paramount to my success with my prosthetic.  I would highly recommend Darryl as a personal trainer, especially if you are looking for someone who will design a program with your specific needs and goals in mind…..

Linda Butler ABK