Amputee Programs

Amputee Personal Training

In Studio or Virtual

The amputation of a limb doesn’t have to end your active life. With the correct attitude, strength program, and prosthesis you can enjoy a 100% functional, healthy, and highly active life.

My amputee exercise programs will take you from days after the surgery to running, skiing, obstacle races, anywhere you want to be, and anything in the middle. 

The first thing we need to do as an amputee is balance the body. Balance is the key to everything we do. It keeps us from falling. It allows us to walk, ride a bike, and navigate uneven surfaces, and slippery surfaces. As an amputee achieving excellent balance will improve our lives dramatically.

Core Strengthening
Our core is everything that isn’t our arms or legs. The core is fundamental in carrying out any movement. It is where our body’s power is generated and it is what gives us balance and stability. While we think of the core being made up of abdominal muscles, the core includes our back, hips, glutes, and pelvic floor. The number one thing that has made me most functional as a leg amputee is a strong core and the ability to engage my core while performing, not only exercises in the gym but my daily functions.

My amputee-specific programs are based on the same principles as all my programs.
Lengthen- Static and Dynamic warm-ups to increase extensibility, lengthen, and range of motion. Flexibility and improved range of motion will help you get more out of the workouts.

Beginner and intermediatate programs begin with basic activation exercises. Activation exercises focus on strengthening and isolating muscle groups.
Each week you will build on the exercises and integrate dynamic movements. Integrated Dynamic Movements are exercises that incorporate the upper body and lower body together. So you might do a squat with an overhead dumbbell press.

All programs focus on the kinetic chain of our bodies. The interconnected chain of all our joints in our bodies. I will discuss proper form starting at the feet and going up to the chin in all exercises. This builds proper strength, proper body movement, and posture for a healthy functional life.

With my amputee programs, a focus will be placed on the following.

Basic Program: For new amputees or if you are just starting your fitness journey.

The basic program will start you off without using your prosthesis, therefore it can be started as early as your wounds are healed. The 6- week program will focus on balance, core, single-leg exercises, glutes, and hip complex. While working the upper body to maintain muscle balance.

Intermediate Program: For any amputee wanting to function better and improve their activity level.

The Intermediate Program will be done using your prosthesis and include agility training. The focus will be on utilizing the prosthetic to strengthen that side and balance your body and gait.

Advance Program: Takes you to any level you want. Killer workouts or Amputee Athlete.

If you are a bi-lateral leg amputee or have an upper body amputation I can customize a program for you.  Fill out the custom training form and I will contact you for a virtual consultation.