A few years ago I was faced with needing to have my left leg amputated above the knee, that is when I met Darryl. Not only did he educate me on the whole amputation process, but he designed a training program to prepare me for my amputation and subsequent prosthetic.  I believe that his guidance and training was paramount to my success with my prosthetic.  I would highly recommend Darryl as a personal trainer, especially if you are looking for someone who will design a program with your specific needs and goals in mind…..

Linda Butler ABK

Darryl has been my personal trainer for over 3 years.  When I first started training with Darryl, I was barely able to walk.  I was limping and in constant pain due to my diagnosis of Ankylosing spondylitis. Since starting training with Darryl my pain has been minimized and am able now run 5ks on a regular basis.  Darryl is constantly aware of my wellbeing and adjusts every training session to my needs and preferences.  Darryl goes above and beyond for his clients.  Darryl is enthusiastic and his workouts are very effective!! Highly recommended!! 

Mike S.

I have worked out my entire life. I thought I knew most methods for doing so.  I’ve also had physical therapy work. Darryl is the most creative visionary for all types of these exercises. He uses methods that are more positive for the body than I’ve ever been shown before.  

Not only for amputees but for two-legged people. I’ve felt and seen immense change from my ongoing time with Darryl.

Cactus M. AKA

Darryl helped me out a lot. He strengthened both shoulders after both shoulder surgeries. While training with Darryl I went from 240 lbs to 180 lbs. If you can be trained by Darryl you will be greatly gifted. 

Robert F. AK

I began working with Darryl after becoming a bilateral amputee and having about 7 months of muscle atrophy. During our first session I lacked even the muscles to balance up-right on my knees. After the first week of working with him, I was able to clearly see and feel the difference in my body and mobile functionality. The sessions are challenging and work the muscles thoroughly,  but, when you stick to the workout plan, it is very rewarding! I certainly recommend Darryl to anyone who needs targeted strengthening and/or has no idea where to start. Because of his workouts I am now mobile again and able to simply walk, stand, and live. …

Amanda C. BBK

I have been a client of Darryl’s for the past 6 years   Thank you Darryl for making exercise feel fun! I look forward to training sessions at your studio every week.

Darryl has taught me that greatness begins the moment you step out of your comfort zone. The hard work has paid off and I am in amazing shape at almost 80 years young!  I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been.

Gail G.

If you have ever been told you can’t or accept it because of age, injury or just never worked out before, know that Darryl is a trainer who takes those set backs and turns them into set ups for success and victories!  The weekend of turning 50 my pastor challenge us to get our lives back from unhealthy habits.  No added sugar, caffeine or processed foods and yes workout.  I realized then I let my job and travel take over my life and it had to stop.  Darryl was part of the plan.  I had no balance and hip pain all the time.  He design a “get” healthy program for living and long healthy, balanced life.  From someone who could barely do a squat without crying to completing a Spartan last year.  It took 2 years baby steps and Darryl’s support not only with the physical training but with helping regain the mental belief that I CAN…  thank you for personalizing my training to my physical, mental and traveling needs.  The 3hours of working out with him either for an hour of personal training and 2 hours of classes with him gave me back my life!  

Dana F.

As a ballroom dancer, mom of two, and lifelong athlete, it was important to me to regain my active lifestyle after unexpectedly becoming a triple amputee. Training with Darryl was key to my recovery! He modified exercises per my needs, taught me which muscles to target for optimal mobility and posture, helped me to troubleshoot prosthetic issues, and believed and encouraged me on my path to a new normal. Three years later, our weekly Zoom workouts help me maintain my strength and I’m back in the dance studio and running around with my kids!


My life was put on hold when I was diagnosed with Sarcoma.  When my leg was eventually amputated, my career in law enforcement was in jeopardy.   I connected with Darryl who helped me come up with a plan to successfully pass my physical requirements for work. 3 years later I am still working and getting stronger.  And still working out at Leg Up On Fitness.

Mike P. AKA